Adventures of an Airedale

Young Jeremiah goes sailing, hiking, tobogganing, and motorcycling, and then one day, realizes he's an old dog. The colorful, vibrant pages turn black-and-white when Jeremiah discovers old age, but with a flip of the page, the color is back as the reader sees Jeremiah doing what he enjoys. He is no longer living on a sailboat, forging through high seas, but he's sailing nonetheless, in a little dinghy.

The text is minimal. Young, non-readers can follow the progression of pictures and discover that Jeremiah has stolen and eaten a carrot from a snowman, stolen a hat off someone's head, and has taken a horrible tumble off the toboggan.

40 pages, for all ages.

The Fat Cop Donut Shop cover

Coming Soon

A book about the humor and horror of work.

300 pages.